Sunday, January 23, 2011

Website of the Day

I loooove Daily Deal websites.  They make me happy and warm and tingly all over. Some of my favorites are:

Of course, I don't have time to visit each of these websites every day, but I do follow all of them on Facebook, and keep updated on top deals.  Just three days ago, LivingSocial offered $20 Amazon Gift Cards for $10!  Amazing deal!  What CAN'T you buy on Amazon?!  It was like creating your very own 50% off sale!  Anyway, if you haven't already, check out the links above and JOIN the websites. 

Also, another tip I can offer is this:  Create a "spam" email account if you don't have one already.  I use my spam email for lots of things, including signing up for sites like these.  Of course, the emails that they send are NOT spam, but some Daily Deal websites do email each day, and I don't really like to have those mixed in with my personal e-mail, which is used for personal and work email.  If you go ahead and create your spam email account now, you'll have it all ready for the upcoming lessons I'm going to teach.  :]  Visit Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!, or another free web-based email of your choice to create your very own junk email.  You can thank me later.  

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