Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Savings!

This week, I spent most of my time at Walgreens. I wasn't able to do a ton of shopping, but did manage to find a few great deals.

Walgreens had an awesome ad this past week.  I got all of this:
Click "read more" to find out how much I spent and see my other deals!

You see above:

(8) Valentine's Day gift bags (8 @ .25 each -- used as filler items)
(2) Degree Clinical Strength for Women  (2 @ $8.99 each)
(1) Degree Clinical Strength for Men ($8.99)
(2) Breathe Right Nasal Strips (2 @ $5.49 each)
(2) Advil Pain Relief (2 @ $8.49 each)
(1) Gillette ProGlide Razor ($12.99)
(1) Blink Tears ($7.99)

Total Retail:  $77.91
Amount Saved:  $65.96  (85% saved!)
Total OOP: $11.95, with $8 in RR left over!

I broke the Walgreens deals into four different transactions at two different Walgreens. You can follow along here:

Transaction 1:
Gilette ProGlide Razor (on sale for $9.99)
(2) Valentine's Day Bags
-$4 off ProGlide (1/30 PG)
-8/$1 Walgreens in-ad coupon [made each bag 12.5 cents each]
-$4 RR from last week
-$1 RR from last week
Total: $1.23, and got $4 in RR back for buying the ProGlide Razor

Transaction 2:
(2) Advil Pain Relief (on sale for $4.99 each)
(2) Valentines Day Bags
-8/$1 Valentine's Day sack Walgreens in-ad coupon
-$2 Advil printable
-$2 Advil printable
-$4 RR from last transaction
Total: $2.23, and got back $5 in RR from Advil

Transaction 3:
(2) Breathe Right Nasal Strips ($5.49 each)
(3) Degree Clinical Protection (on sale at $6 each)
(2) Valentine's Day bags
(2) FREE Breathe Right Nasal Strips [catalina from several weeks ago at Walgreens]
(3) -$2/1 Degree Clinical Protection 1/30 RP
-8/$1 Valentines's Day bags Walgreens in-ad coupon
-$5 RR from Transaction 2
Total: $7.25, and got back $6 RR from Degree

Transaction 4:
(1) Blink tears ($7.99)
(2) Valentine's Day bags
-$1/1 Blink tears, 1/02 SS
-8/$1 Valentine's Day bags, Walgreens in-ad coupon
-$6 RR from Transaction 3
Total: $1.24, with $8 back in RR for next week!

I used the awesome coupons that Staples emailed out to finance my newest coupon organizer. :]  I got a big clear organizer box for $8, but will get $8 back in Staples rewards, making it free!  I also used the 50% off Staples manilla file folders to put my coupons in, which made them only $3 for 100 file folders.  While in Staples, I found awesome SmartSource dispensers with $2 off any Avery labels, which I used to get 4 packs of Avery label pads on sale for $3.  With the coupon, they were only $1 each, and I used those to label my new folders.  Of course, I used my coupons for FREE sticky notes, and got two 12-packs of Staples stickies for free!  We won't need sticky notes for a very long time [unless Jameson finds them].  All in all, I spent $15, but will get $8 back in Staples Rewards!  The total retail value for all of that was $52.77, making my Staples trip 87% off retail!

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