Sunday, March 13, 2011

Awesome L.L. Bean Kids Backpack $9.99 Shipped!

L.L. Bean has an amazing deal on their famous kids backpacks right now.  The Junior Original Backpack [reg. $22.95] in color "Lake" [a pretty light blue] in on clearance for $9.99!  You can also go the route that I did & have it monogrammed for $5 as well, making it only $14.99 shipped.  Use code LL3039110 at checkout for free shipping.  L.L. Bean has a ton of stuff on clearance right now, so feel free to browse around, but be assured that deals on the classic backpack hardly ever come around, so this is a great price!  L.L. Bean has offered the best in quality & customer service for many years, and this backpack is no exception.   Many adults that carried bookbags just like this one as children still have theirs, in perfect working condition!

Won't my sweetpea look extra precious going to K4 with this on his back?!  I definitely think so. 

Also, keep in mind that closer to back to school time, there will be awesome deals on backpacks.  Staples usually has them for free!  So, unless you're just obsessed with these L.L. Bean ones [as am I], don't sweat it.  Wait for the great back-to-school deals if this price still seems a bit too much for your budget. 

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  1. Thanks for this post, I had to purchase one for my "baby" too!!!