Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

As I reported a few days ago, I am officially an eBay/thrift store addict as of late.  We all know that I LOVE a good deal, and thrifting/ebaying has started to feed my compulsive shopping habit [I'm only half-kidding when I use that term... I think I should probably be in therapy for my shopping "issues"] in a major way. 

My mom and I went shopping at bunches of places on Sunday, as is our weekly routine.  My mom is awesome.... the greatest shopping buddy/source of encouragement/occupier of Jameson/anything else you could ever want.  I convinced her to stop by Goodwill as our very last stop.  J was worn out after a long day of shopping/couponing, and we were all kind of ready to get home.  She turned into Goodwill and immediately J whines from the back, "I'm tiiiiiireddddd, I don't liiiiikkkeee thhhiiisss stttooorrreee." After promising frozen yogurt afterwards, J was down for a few minutes of shopping.... and I do mean a FEW minutes.  We walked in and I went straight for the clearance racks.  My eyes lit up with excitement when I spotted the greatest signs ever made .... there were gigantic signs on every clearance rack advertising $0.50 clothes!  FIFTY CENT CLOTHES, PEOPLE!  THIS IS HUGE!  Of course, everything was mostly picked over, but I ended up getting $4 worth of stuff.... that's 8 items if you're keeping track. :]

Here are some of my awesome finds, which I brought home, sorted, and posted on eBay later that night:

This J. Crew tank is in perfect condition, and I listed it at $4.99 + shipping.  It is still an active auction, but there are already five people "watching" the item.

This J. Jill sweater is still active, as well.

This Gap skirt ends tonight and already has 4 bids!

I got a few other things, including two Ralph Lauren polos for Adam, and a Crescent t-shirt for J. :]

I also went to Target this week, where I used my awesome $5 off any denim product to score FREE jeans that were clearanced to $4.98.  Those are also listed on eBay. :]

The Target printable coupons from their website are sometimes amazing, and this week was THE week to print them!  Not only did I score the $5 denim coupon, but I got lots of up&up brand coupons.

Here is a summary of my Target trip this week:
2 Mossimo Distressed Jeans: $4.98 x 2 = $9.96
1 up&up Bleach: $1.42
2 up&up toothbrushes: $1.22 x 2 = $2.44
1 up&up pantiliners: $0.89
Seventh Generation dish detergent: $2.69
2 up&up Pain Reliever 24 ct.: .99 x 2 = $1.98
4 Tide Stain Release: $3.48 [on clearance] x 4 = 13.92

Total before coupons: $33.30
I used the following coupons:
2 $5/1 Target Denim
$1 off any up&up cleaning product
2 $1 off any up&up oral care
$0.75 any up&up feminine product
$1/1 Seventh Generation product [Target q]
$1/1 Seventh Generation product [printable from SG website]
2 $1/1 up&up pain reliver
4 $3/1 Tide Stain Release, 2/27 P&G

Total after coupons: $3.55

The lady in line behind me said, "WHOA, can you teach me how to do that?!  You're a professional!  Where did you get all those coupons?!" while the cashier called over another employee to show her my receipt.  I love it when this happens, although it embarasses Adam to death. 

Regardless, I am a thrifty saving mama.  I guess I would call myself somewhat of a professional.... after all, I DO blog about it, right? :]

I have lots and lots of items still listed on eBay right now, so I'll wait until they end to post my weekly totals there. 

Until then, xoxo....

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