Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free Febreeze Luminary Refills!

Proctor & Gamble are at it again!  They recently launched their P&Gestore, and right now they are offering FREE Febreeze Luminary refills AND free shipping for signing up for their email list!  So, ladies and gents, I am going to need you to head right on over here and sign yourself up with that spam email address I told you all to make. You made it, right?  I hope so.  Geez.

Once you enter your email address, they'll give you a code to get your free refills. Click the link below to enter the store, and see if you see anything worthwhile.  I'll wait. 

Okay, no, I won't.  See if you see anything that you may need.  This is how my transaction worked out:
I got a single roll of Bounty paper towels for $1.69, minus the $0.25 e-coupon, and minus the 10% new customer discount. I then entered my promo code, which added the Febreeze luminary refill to my order, and gave me free shipping, making my total $1.30! I checked out with Paypal for the ultimate in safety & convenience. :]  Yay for free/cheap stuff!
Also, I'm hearing that the Bounty rolls are running out quickly - there are other cheapo items to order, like Gain Dish Detergent or shampoos --- just sort from lowest to highest price on any page and see what you can find. :]

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